Special Finishes

Your uniform even more efficient and safe


Camouflage fabrics can receive a special finish that blocks the emission of infrared rays, making it difficult to identify the user by night vision devices.

Easy Care / Soil Release

Finishing that ensures the fabric is easy to remove stains (Soil Release) and less wrinkling (Easy Care). The union between these two finishes offers a perfect appearance to the uniform and greater ease of maintenance.

Water and Oil Repellent

Finishing that prevents organic substances from being absorbed by the fabric fibers. Ideal for professionals in the sectors that deal directly with oils and greases.

Liquid Metal

Finish that guarantees protection against molten metal splashes at high temperatures.

UV protection

Technology that adds natural protection against ultraviolet rays, known as Natural UV Protection.


Special finish that guarantees impermeability and sterility to the uniform. Ideal for workers who deal daily with blood and other organic substances.

Extra Soft

Finishing that, through chemical and physical processes, guarantees impeccable appearance and unparalleled comfort to the Santanense Workwear shirt line.

Anti Microbial

Some microorganisms are responsible for several diseases, in addition to the formation of undesirable odors. With that in mind, Santanense offers the Anti Microbial finish, which prevents the emergence of bacteria colonies.

Max Plus

Finishing that, by means of filling resins, guarantees the fabric better performance in terms of resistance and durability, in addition to facilitating the layering in the making.

Dry Protection

Finish that has the ability to transport the moisture of the fabric, caused by the perspiration of the human body, facilitating its evaporation. Its objective is to improve the wearer's thermo-physiological comfort.

Anti Vetor

Insects are often responsible for transmitting diseases through the bite, in addition to causing constant discomfort. For this, Santanense developed the Anti Vector finish, which inhibits the approach of insects.


A finish that combines maximum water and chemical repellency, creating a protective barrier that keeps the garment dry throughout the wearer's activity.

Anti Pilling

Resin-based finish that guarantees long life and no pilling formation in Santanense Workwear fabrics.

Full Color

Finishing that, by means of fixing agents and resins, guarantees the maximum durability of the indigo blue dye.

Repellent to Chemical Agents

Special finish that provides the fabric with characteristics of impermeability to chemical agents aggressive to human skin. Ideal for professionals dealing directly with sodium hydroxide, hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid.


Fabric production technology that uses recycled polyester fiber. In the period of one year, Santanense removes, on average, 2 million PET bottles from the environment.

Soft Touch

This seal, exclusive to Santanense, guarantees that the fabric has been treated with the most modern and sophisticated products on the market, providing shine and softness to the fabric.

High Solidity

Offers greater durability of prints, resisting a greater number of washes than conventional fabric.

Flame Retardant

Fabrics with this seal have the peculiar characteristic of being fire-retardant, protecting the user against thermal risks from electric arc and sudden fire.