The search for harmony between the environment, the community and our customers is what drives us constantly and makes Santanense exercise a broader concept of sustainability.

Discover our Sustainability actions:

UL Solutions

UL certification guarantees that products submitted to its laboratories have been tested to foreign safety standards. Santanense fabrics with the UL seal mainly meet the international standard NFPA 2112.

ISO 14001 – Protecting nature is part of our daily lives

Santanense has a certified environmental management system since 2001, being the first textile industry in the state of Minas Gerais to obtain this certification. Our investment plan in actions to protect the environment is audited annually by an independent certification body.

ISO 9001 – Quality and continuous improvement are our goal

Our quality management system has been certified since 1996. Over the years, Santanense has been continuously improving its processes, aiming to meet the requirements of its customers.

OEKO-TEX® - The final consumer is our biggest concern

The OEKO-TEX ® certification certifies that our fabrics are subjected to rigorous chemical analysis in specialized laboratories abroad, to ensure that they do not contain substances harmful to the health of users.

BCI – Social, economic and environmental sustainability is our duty

We use BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) cotton and by participating in this program, Santanense contributes to promoting the sustainable development of the cotton supply chain.

Water - Preservation and enhancement of water resources

About 20% of the water consumed in Santanense's industrial process comes from reuse.

Ecopoli Line – Recycled raw material

Santanense has in its portfolio a line of articles called Ecopoli, which contains recycled fibers from PET bottles.

With 6 PET bottles it is possible to produce about 10 meters of fabrics from this line.

Effluent treatment – ​​Concern for our communities

Among the set of Sustainable actions implemented by Santanense, we also have Effluent Treatment.

100% of the effluent (sanitary and industrial sewage) generated by Santanense is treated in its own station and the quality of the effluent to be returned to the water body is constantly monitored.

Atmospheric emissions – The air we breathe

The atmospheric effluent generated by Santanense is treated by means of a gas washing system.

In addition, the company periodically monitors the release patterns of sources of atmospheric emissions.

Solid waste - Selective collection

The waste generated at Santanense is separated according to selective collection criteria.

About 92% of all waste generated in the company is directed to reuse or recycling. 

A company is made by people

Santanense frequently holds events with the community in its area of ​​influence, contributing to the process of environmental awareness and integration of the community with the company. These are some of our actions: – Implementation of selective collection in schools and public places. – Textile waste recycling workshops. – Lectures on topics related to the environment. – Community visitation program at the company to present the implemented environmental controls and dialogue oriented towards sustainability.