Care Guide

The first rule for the maintenance of FR garments is to carefully follow the manufacturer's care instructions. In addition, some basic care is important for good maintenance. Here's how to maximize the durability of your FR uniforms:


• Wash new FR garments before putting them on. It is important to wash the FR pieces separately from the others, avoiding contamination of the fibers;
• Check the pockets, open all the buttons, lift the collar;
• Do not overload the machine, always use it in its normal capacity;
• Use the correct level of water for washing, avoiding shrinkage;
• Maximum water temperature 60 ° C
• Do not use bar soap, because the caustic soda residues compromise the thermal protection;
• Never use products containing chlorine during washing, as it compromises resistance and causes unpleasant odors;
• Do not use chlorine-based softeners, the permanence of these compounds on the garment decreases the thermal protection.


• To increase the durability of the uniform color, avoid drying in the sun;
• The drying temperature must not exceed 60 °C;
• Never remove completely dry clothes from the dryer, as this increases excessive shrinkage.